5 Ways to Prepare for Your Office Move

As challenging as it is for you as a business owner to coordinate an office relocation, it can be equally as difficult on your employees. Having everyone on the same page is critical to make the transition as smooth as possible. And working with office moving companies is almost a requirement nowadays to ensure no working time is lost because of the move. Here are five of the most effective ways you can prepare for your office move.

Inform Your Employees

As soon as you know you’re going to have an office relocation, be sure to communicate it to your employees. They will appreciate the advance notice and can begin preparing themselves both mentally and from a productivity standpoint. This will also give you time to address any concerns your employees have, which is almost always a given with an office relocation.

Set A Timeline

Efficient and effective planning has to happen in order to set a timeline and stick with it. If you’re moving during the week, you may have to work around other tenants in your current office building, which can make the move take a little longer than expected. But if you’re moving during the weekend, you can have your packing services work ahead and get non-urgent items packed up during the week, so all that’s left to do over the weekend is move them.

Eliminate Clutter Instead of Moving It

Depending on how long you’ve been in your current office, chances are you’ve got a lot of documents and items you don’t use or need anymore. Instead of just telling your packing services to pack them up, strongly consider whether the items are needed or can be discarded. This will make the packing process easier, and will make unpacking much more efficient as well.

Arrange For The New Office To Be Set Up

When you work with office moving companies, they will ask you what items need to be unloaded first. Most of the time this will be your IT equipment, so your IT department can start getting computers, phones and everything else set up. The basic equipment needed for employees to do their jobs should be prioritized, and arranging people to do so ahead of time will ensure lost work time is kept to a minimum.

Work Closely With Office Movers

The office moving companies you work with should be in close communication with you at all times. Minimizing downtime is one of the highest priorities as a business owner, so clearly communicating this to the packing services is critical. When everyone involved with the move is on the same page, the process will go much smoother and everything will be back to normal in no time.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is honored to be a part of the prestigious Atlas Van Lines network of agents. What this means to businesses is we can handle an office relocation of any size, no matter where you need to move. Our goal is to make your office move a seamless transition, and we have done so for many companies over the years. For more preparation tips for your office move and to book an appointment, contact us today.

The Best Ways to Handle Moving Anxiety

Whether you’ve moved to a new home multiple times or if this is your first-ever move, a little bit of anxiety is completely normal. The thought of having your belongings packed away and moved doesn’t have to be terrifying. When you feel some fear enter your emotions, just know moving and storage companies are here to help make the process much easier, which will in turn calm your fears. Here are some of the things you could be anxious about with your move and how to handle them.

Keep Valuable Items With Yourself

One of the biggest fears people have when moving is their items getting damaged or lost. When you use reputable long distance movers, they will ask which items are most valuable to you, fragile or just need to be handled with care. So you can rest easy then knowing they are well taken care of. Alternatively, you could keep your most valuable items with you so you have complete control over them. Family heirlooms, breakable possessions and others may be better off in your own vehicle instead of on a moving truck.

Plan Well in Advance of The Move

Timing and logistics also factor into the anxiety you could experience. The earlier you plan your move, the better off you’ll be. Start calling moving and storage companies right when you know you’re going to move. These companies can help you put together a checklist of the things you need to do, so you won’t have the fear of running out of time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with a home move when you’re short on time, so it’s never too early to start planning.

Check Out Your New Neighborhood

Many long distance movers suggest checking out your new city and neighborhood to help calm some anxiety. The fear of the unknown can be powerful, so becoming familiar with your new surroundings will make the move seem much more comfortable. Meeting a future neighbor can also give you a familiar face to talk to when you get settled in.

Work With Movers You Trust

Working with the best moving and storage companies can go a long way in calming any moving anxiety you may experience. Whether you use their packing services or just want them to load up your items and get them from point A to point B, you have to be able to trust the company you hire. Communication is critical with any type of move, so doing a thorough search before hiring a moving company will make the entire process go much more smoothly.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. not only wants to make your move a successful one, but we also want to do it as stress-free as possible. We understand how much stress a home move can place on an individual or family, so we use our expertise and knowledge to help calm any fears and produce results to back up our claim. As a part of the Atlas Van Lines network, our company will guarantee satisfaction with your move. When you’re getting ready to move to a new home, contact us to see how we can help with the logistics of the move and to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process.

Don’t Forget to Pack These 5 Items When Moving

Sometimes it seems like no matter how detailed and organized you are, it’s still easy to forget to pack certain items when preparing for a move. Some of these items may not be important, but others could be out of sight and would be devastating if you left them behind. The best home moving service will help you out by providing a checklist of items to help jog your memory about what needs to be packed. Some of the items may be hidden in a closet and others could be in a storage unit or elsewhere. Here are some of the items that are commonly forgotten when moving.

Items in Storage

You could have put unused furniture, tools or other valuable items in a storage unit years ago and forgotten about them. But many times it’s your own storage units, like attics and basements, where items can get lost. Most local moving companies will ask if you’ve double checked these areas to ensure everything you need to take doesn’t get left behind.

Bathroom Toiletries

You probably will pack up your bathroom items last, since you’ll need them all the way up until the time your packing services arrive. Things like rugs, shower curtains and curtain rods are the most common items that get left behind, so be sure to put these on your list to take with you when you don’t need them at your current home anymore.


A potentially serious item to forget to pack is prescription medication. Sometimes medication gets left in cabinets or drawers after the home moving service packs up your belongings. The best thing to do is put all of your medication in a box and mark it clearly so you know everything you need is in there.

Items Hidden Out of Sight

Think back to all the things you put out of sight for any reason. You may have put cash under a rug or mattress, jewelry on the top shelf in a closet, valuables in a safe deposit box and more. Many local moving companies have heard about some of the most random places to hide things, so try to remember where you’ve hidden things in the past and leave no stone unturned.

Items You’ve Loaned

Chances are you’ve loaned some things to family, friends or neighbors in the past. It’s easy to forget these items since they are no longer in your possession. Some things, like movies or books, are easy to recover. However, larger items like tools or equipment could present a harder challenge to get back.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. wants to help make your moving experience as positive as possible. As one of the agents in the Atlas Van Lines network, we are dedicated and proud to provide the best home moving service you can find. We are here to not only help you move to your new home, but also to ensure nothing of value gets left behind. When you’re ready to move, contact us for the best moving experience.

Steps to Take When Moving to a Temporary House

Most people want to avoid moving to a temporary house as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. You may be moving to another state and haven’t had a chance to look at the best neighborhoods, your new home is still under construction or you simply want to look around to find the best possible home. Regardless of the reason, a temporary home can give you a place to stay until your permanent home is ready.

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Consider Using Packing Services to Save You Valuable Time

Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially if you decide to take care of all the logistics on your own. One of the most time-consuming aspects of any move is packing all of the items in boxes. It may not seem like a lot at first, but once you get started, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is where professional packing services enter the picture. You can not only save yourself from stress and headaches, but you can also save a significant amount of time when using packing services. Here are a few things to think about before you start the time-consuming process of packing your belongings.

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How to Prevent Damage to Your Antiques and Valuables When Packing

When you’re packing your belongings to move to a new home, certain items require a little more care than others. Antiques and other valuables fall into the category of requiring more care, so it’s important to pay attention to the details when packing to prevent damage. Buying the highest quality packing materials is a great first step, but you could also hire professional packing services to ensure the items will be transported safely. Here are some of the best ways to prevent damage to your most valuable items during a move.

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