Is Moving Insurance Worth It?

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Moving can be a bit unnerving for some people, but the best long distance movers understand this and take steps to help bring peace to people moving. One of the things many people are concerned about is how good of care their items will receive during the move. Besides, a large portion of the items you own will be on a truck or multiple trucks and completely out of your control, so it’s understood there will be some concern. Some local moving services will offer moving insurance to provide peace of mind, but is it really worth it? Here are some things to consider before you invest in moving insurance.

Putting Your Trust Into Your Moving Company

Before you even consider moving insurance, people should thoroughly research the long distance movers they want to hire. These companies have an obligation to keep your belongings safe and undamaged, and are liable for the value of the items they have in their possession at any time. If the interstate movers you choose have a great reputation of handling items with care and there are very few negative reviews about them, then you can feel a little better if you don’t feel like moving insurance is necessary. Of course, accidents can happen at any time, but if you have complete trust in your moving company, then you’ll be more at peace.

Beware of Third-Party Insurance Providers

Some moving companies work with third-party insurance providers to offer their clients moving insurance. Be sure to ask what company the insurance is offered through and do your own research on them so you don’t end up in a tough situation. Again, this isn’t to say all third-party insurance providers are scams. But it all comes down to trusting your moving company to provide you with the best and most legitimate option should you decide moving insurance is needed.

Work With Your Homeowners Insurance Company

Since you likely already have homeowners insurance, it may be worth it to check with that company about moving insurance rather than relying on local moving companies. You’ve already done your research on your homeowners insurance company, so you most likely trust them to some degree. At the very least, you can get more information about the validity of certain third-party moving insurance providers.

What’s The Safest Bet To Protect Your Belongings?

Relying on the reputation and the stability of the moving company you choose is often the best decision you can make. Taking out a small moving insurance policy can reduce any potential risk and also give you peace of mind. However, if you do not feel the need to purchase moving insurance, then working with reputable interstate movers is the very least you should do.

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