5 Essential Items for Moving Day

It’s natural to feel a wide range of emotions when you’re getting ready to move into a new home. You may be sad at what you’re leaving behind, excited about what the future holds and even nervous about the move itself. Moving to a new home is stressful enough with all the logistics that come with it, not to mention changing your address, utilities and other things that have to be taken care of along the way. However, when you work with reputable packers and movers, a significant amount of stress can be reduced from your life throughout the moving process.

Most local moving companies will help you make a checklist of essential items you’ll need for moving day at the very least. Every individual and family has different needs, but there are also common items needed to make everyone’s life much easier during the move. And with all of the moving parts and things to think about, it’s easy to forget about some of the most basic items. Here are some of the most essential items to help make moving day successful, starting from the packing process all the way to settling into your new home.

Boxes, Tape And Other Basic Supplies

Whether you’re working with packers and movers or not, having plenty of boxes, tape, scissors, markers, paper and other basic items will help tremendously. You can always donate or recycle any unused boxes, and it’s much better to do so rather than not having enough. It’s hard to anticipate how many boxes you need until you actually start packing, so try to overestimate the amount you’ll need. It’s also highly advised to label each box you pack as clearly as possible, just so you know where it needs to go when you get to the new home. And if you’re working with interstate moving companies, they will appreciate being able to read a label to know where to put certain items rather than having to ask you all the time.

Another helpful thing to do with these supplies happens before your packers and movers even arrive. No matter how good of a memory you have, it’s very likely you’ll forget something if you don’t write it down. Having a pen and paper readily available is helpful so you can quickly jot down a thought when it pops into your mind. This could be something you need to remember to pack, a question to ask local moving companies or even just a reminder to tip your packers and movers when they have completed the job. These may seem like basic items, but the people who don’t have them handy tend to be more stressed about the move than the people who do.

Phone And Phone Charger

Your cell phone and phone charger may be the two most important items you have with you at all times on moving day. You could have the best plans in place and believe everything is going to go smoothly, but one mistake could throw a wrench in them and force you to have to make phone calls throughout the day. Most people use their phones more than they think they will have to on moving day, since they have to call their significant other or friend at the new house to coordinate with the packers and movers. Not having your phone available could put a halt to the move or delay it at the very least.

Something else people like to do during the packing and moving process is to listen to music from their phone. You probably already know how quickly this can drain your battery, so always having your phone charger available will allow you to listen to stress-free music and still ensure the phone is charged up when you need it most.

Snacks And Drinks

As you’re packing up, be sure to keep some snacks and drinks out for moving day. The move itself is hard work physically for both you and interstate moving companies. On that note, be sure to have some extra snacks for your packers and movers, as they would definitely appreciate a quick snack after a few hours of hard work. Fruits like apples, bananas and oranges are always good, and protein bars are always a hit for local moving companies. And having a small cooler of water could end up being a life saver, especially if you’re moving on a hot day. Keeping your body nourished on moving day will ensure you stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to be able to access their new home for a few days or weeks before their actual moving day. If that’s the case for you, then take advantage of the empty house and clean as much as you’d like so you don’t have to worry about it after the local moving company leaves. But just remember as clean as you get your new house, it’s going to be dusty and dirty after moving day with all the moving parts, boxes, spills and scuffs from shoes.

Common cleaning supplies interstate moving companies suggest having on hand include hand soap, dish soap, brooms and dustpans, dust rags, paper towels, hand towels, sponges and more. Your packers and movers will always be as careful as possible, but you also have to expect some messes will happen. Then once the move is complete and you have everything in the home, you can clean up any residual mess and start unpacking your boxes without having to worry about deep cleaning anything.

Toiletries and a Change of Clothes

Local moving companies always suggest packing an overnight bag with your most essential items. Things like toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper, any necessary medication, soap, shampoo and a change of clothes for the next day could prove to be extremely valuable to have in a single bag. You never know what could happen on moving day, and the possibility of the move not being completed until later in the evening is always possible.

The last thing you want to do after a long moving day is have to search for all of these basic items before you’re able to relax. Sometimes all you want to do is take a shower and go to bed before having to start again the next day. Plus, having to open a lot of different boxes and scatter various items around the new house can create more of a mess than you want to deal with. The whole idea around moving day is to make things as easy as possible until you get settled in, and having a bag full of essentials like this is one of the best ways to accomplish it.

Your Moving Company Can Provide Some Helpful Items

When you work with the best local moving companies, they will help you organize the moving day to make it as seamless as possible. They may even be able to provide you with moving supplies like boxes and tape, and help you make your checklist of essential items you’ll need for moving day. One of the keys to a successful move is to be on the same page with your packers and movers. When you all work efficiently together, the move will go much quicker and the amount of stress you experience will be reduced significantly.

If you’ve decided to do all of the packing yourself and just use interstate moving companies to get your items from your old house to your new one, then you may be able to rent equipment from the company as well. Things like a dolly, a moving cart, movers blankets and more will help you pack and load items more safely and efficiently. It may be worth asking your moving company if they rent these items out so you don’t have to buy them for a one-time use.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is here for your moving needs whether you’re moving next door or across the country. We work with individuals, families and companies to help them with their moving needs and are proud to be a part of the Atlas Van Lines network of agents. Being part of this prestigious network means we’ve built a reputation based on high standards and customer service, but we still strive to earn the trust of our customers every single day.

Our goal is to make your moving experience stress-free so you can focus on your future in your new home rather than worrying about details throughout the move. From the moment you reach out to us all the way until you’re completely moved into your new home, we will be there for you every step of the way, even if it’s to provide advice to calm your nerves. If you’re getting ready to move to a new home or office and need assistance in any way, contact us today to request a free moving quote and see how we can help.

Moving in 30 Days? No Problem

When you just realize you have to move to a new home in 30 days, there’s no time to procrastinate. On the other hand, you don’t have to be completely stressed out trying to get everything done frantically at one time. Moving on a short turnaround time like this is no big deal to the best packing and moving services. When you call them right away to book an appointment, they can help you set up a plan for utilizing your time most efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible. Here’s what you should do when your moving day is within one month.

Book A Moving Service Immediately

Booking your home moving service right away is important to ensure you are able to get your first choice on moving day. These moving and storage companies fill up their schedules quickly, so don’t delay in setting your appointment. They will tell you exactly what to do to prepare for the move so everything operates smoothly on the day of the move. If nothing else, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be ready to go despite the short turnaround time.

Get All The Moving Supplies You Need

Take inventory of the items you have in each room, closets, basement and anywhere else. Get an estimate of how many boxes you will need, tape, packing materials and anything else you may find useful. Feel free to give your packing and moving services a call for some advice on the best supplies to invest in. Once you have everything you need to start packing, it’s time to put together a strategy to use your time wisely.

Organize Your Packing Strategy

Most packing and moving services suggest packing the lesser-used items first. This could include movies, books, decor and other items that aren’t used on a daily basis. When you start clearing out these items, you’ll be left with a more manageable amount to deal with and start packing. Then pack everything you can on a room-by-room basis until everything is packed. Organizing your strategy in a way that focuses on one room at a time will help keep your belongings organized and also give you satisfaction when an entire room is complete.

Take Care of Essential Items

Taking care of necessary items like changing your address, notifying banks, medical facilities and other services of your address change should be done right away. These things are essential to take care of, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do them. When you have these out of the way, you can work with your home moving service to start the process of getting your physical items ready for the move.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is here for you whether you’re moving in several months or 30 days. We will help you plan your move efficiently in order to reduce stress as much as possible. Our home moving service is a part of the Atlas Van Lines agent network, so you can feel confident knowing everything will be taken care of appropriately on moving day. If you’re moving in a short amount of time, give us a call and we will work out a day to get you moved into your new home.

How to Survive Moving in the Rain

Moving to your new home on a rainy day isn’t ideal, but it still has to be done. Luckily, with the help of a home moving company, moving in the rain doesn’t have to be a complete disaster. With a little extra preparation, planning and having the right supplies on hand, you can move your belongings without damaging them and without making a mess in your new home. Here are some of the most effective tips home moving companies have when it comes to moving in the rain.

Have Plenty of Towels And Trash Bags Handy

Wrapping up your items in towels and trash bags can add another layer of protection to them when walking them from the truck to inside the home. These supplies can essentially be used for anything, from clothing to electronics to furniture and anything in between. If you use packing services for your move, they will wrap them up securely so no water can get in. Keep several dry towels inside as well to wipe off the items before placing them where they need to go.

Lay Down Rugs or Mats In The Home

Your interstate movers will also suggest laying down rugs and mats everywhere in the home. This will prevent your movers, as well as yourself, from slipping and falling when walking in the home. And you’ll also be protecting your floors from water, mud and anything else that can get tracked in between the truck and the home. Your interstate movers will appreciate the attention to detail in this regard so they can safely bring your items inside without damaging them or potentially hurting themselves by falling.

Assign Roles

Everyone needs to be on the same page when moving in the rain. It’s best to assign some people to walk back-and-forth between the truck and the home, and for some people to stay dry in the home to receive the items. This will help the process be more efficient and also prevent the floors in your new home from becoming a complete mess. The top home moving companies have plenty of experience in assigning roles like this and creating somewhat of an assembly line process, so you can follow their lead if you’re able to help them out.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is ready to move you to your new home safely, rain or shine. Our packing services can help prepare you for your move if rain is in the forecast, and we will develop a plan of attack for moving day as well. We are honored to be a part of the Atlas Van Lines network of agents, and we are diligent in proving why we are one of the best home moving companies every single day. To learn more about our moving services and to request a free moving quote, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Why Summer is the Best Time to Move

Everyone has different reasons why they want to move during a certain time of year. Job requirements may not give you a choice, but most people have the opportunity to think about when they want to move to a new home. And many times, summer ends up being the most preferred choice.

One thing to consider when moving homes during the summer is a lot of other people do as well. This means home moving companies are extremely busy and you will likely need to book your move well in advance. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to move, get in touch with packers and movers right away so you can set up an appointment and begin the preparation process. Here are a few of the many reasons why summer is the best time to move for most people.

Host A Garage Sale

Whether you’re downsizing homes or just want to get rid of unused or unnecessary items before you move, the summertime is the perfect time of year to do so. Everywhere you look there’s a garage sale happening in any given neighborhood during the summer. People always love finding the best deals on items, so having a garage sale yourself gives you a great opportunity to get rid of things and make a few dollars in the process. It doesn’t take an extreme amount of effort to host a garage sale, so many packers and movers suggest doing so in order to reduce the amount of items being taken to the new home.

Others Like Moving During The Summer

Since other people prefer to move during the summer as well, it’s the perfect time of year to sell your home for the best price. One of the scariest parts of moving to a new home is not being sure if your current home will sell right away. No one wants to pay two mortgages if they don’t have to, so moving during the summer increases the chances of your home selling right away and for a great price. Just remember a large amount of people moving during the summer means the best long distance moving services may be booked, so call them for an appointment right away to get the date you prefer.

Warm Weather Is Better Than Cold Weather When Moving

Depending on where you are moving, you could experience some hot temperatures when relocating during the summer. However, both homeowners and home moving companies alike would much rather deal with the summer temperatures than wintry conditions during a move. Summer weather typically only brings rain showers occasionally, and sometimes thunderstorms depending on the area. These are much easier to deal with than icy roads and and snow storms, which could delay your move for a day or longer. It’s easy for you and your packers and movers to grab a cold drink to cool down in the summer, and your moving experience will be better during this time of year.

Kids Are Out Of School

One of the challenges of moving to a new home with kids is keeping them occupied, since they are out of school. During the summer, kids can play outside in their new yard while you and your packers and movers get things indoors. Turn on a sprinkler and let them have fun so they will be out of the way for the movers and will have an enjoyable time in the process.

Another reason why moving during the summer with kids is beneficial is you don’t have to transition them to a new school while they are currently in school. It gives them the opportunity to adjust to a new lifestyle and a new home before having to make the transition to a new school. Plus, you can also have some time to research nearby schools to ensure you get them in the best one when the time comes.

Easy To Get Acclimated With Your Surroundings

When the weather is nice during the summer, you will spend more time outside. As your long distance moving services are transporting your items, take advantage of the opportunity to meet your neighbors, take a walk around different neighborhoods or even drive around for a while. These actions aren’t as easy to do when you move during the winter. You’ll most likely be stuck inside due to the colder weather, which means it could take longer to get acclimated with what’s around your new home.

What To Consider When Hiring A Moving Company

When you’re looking for home moving companies as you’re preparing to move during the summer, it’s best to contact them as soon as possible. The best long distance moving services will be booked out for several weeks or months in advance. In order to work with the best packers and movers at the time that’s ideal for you, don’t hesitate to make the call when you’re ready to check on availability. While the best home moving companies will do everything they can to accommodate you, their packed schedules during the summer sometimes leave them very little room for flexibility.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. wants to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We are proud to be a part of the Atlas Van Lines network, which means you can guarantee you will get the best service no matter what time of year you choose to move. Moving during the summer is popular for many reasons, and it’s our goal to get you out of your old home and into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you’re ready to get moving, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your move.

How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Movers?

If you’ve never moved to a new home before, one of the questions you may have involves the timing of booking a home moving service. Believe it or not, a common misconception people have is they should wait until a few weeks before the move to book the movers, so it will give you time to do your own packing.

When you do a search for “moving companies near me,” you’ll likely see an extensive list of companies to choose from. Most of these companies will allow you to book your move several months in advance. In fact, interstate movers often prefer that people book the service in advance so they have time to plan their schedule as well. Here are some reasons why you should book your movers as far in advance as possible.

Book Your Movers As Soon As You Know About The Move

It doesn’t hurt to give a home moving service a call as soon as you know when you’re going to move out. This could even be up to a year in advance. Of course, sometimes you may not know a move is imminent until a month or two out. In those situations, one of the first calls you should make is to schedule your movers.

Why Booking in Advance is Important

There are plenty of clear advantages to booking your home moving service well in advance. The obvious benefit is having your moving day set in stone so you have a target to work for and can focus on the many other aspects of your move. Another benefit is having a better chance of securing the moving company you want to work with. The best interstate movers will have packed schedules and sometimes may not be able to accommodate the specific date you’re requesting for the move. So when you plan months in advance, the chances of you working with the best possible moving company will increase significantly.

The Best Moving Companies Will Work With Your Schedule

If you do any type of research about the best times of year to move, you’ll get a lot of useful information. However, your home moving service should work with your schedule, not the other way around. When you contact a moving company and they are unwilling to meet the date you desire, then you may want to consider other options. Of course, not every company will be able to make accommodations if you only give them a few days notice about the move. But if you plan far enough in advance, you should have no problem getting the moving date you desire.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is willing to book your move as far in advance as you desire. We have earned our positive reputation by being focused on the needs of our customers, as well as being part of the Atlas Van Lines network. When you’re preparing to move to a new home, never hesitate to contact us as early as you want to in order to get the moving process started.

The Best Ways to Handle Moving Anxiety

Whether you’ve moved to a new home multiple times or if this is your first-ever move, a little bit of anxiety is completely normal. The thought of having your belongings packed away and moved doesn’t have to be terrifying. When you feel some fear enter your emotions, just know moving and storage companies are here to help make the process much easier, which will in turn calm your fears. Here are some of the things you could be anxious about with your move and how to handle them.

Keep Valuable Items With Yourself

One of the biggest fears people have when moving is their items getting damaged or lost. When you use reputable long distance movers, they will ask which items are most valuable to you, fragile or just need to be handled with care. So you can rest easy then knowing they are well taken care of. Alternatively, you could keep your most valuable items with you so you have complete control over them. Family heirlooms, breakable possessions and others may be better off in your own vehicle instead of on a moving truck.

Plan Well in Advance of The Move

Timing and logistics also factor into the anxiety you could experience. The earlier you plan your move, the better off you’ll be. Start calling moving and storage companies right when you know you’re going to move. These companies can help you put together a checklist of the things you need to do, so you won’t have the fear of running out of time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with a home move when you’re short on time, so it’s never too early to start planning.

Check Out Your New Neighborhood

Many long distance movers suggest checking out your new city and neighborhood to help calm some anxiety. The fear of the unknown can be powerful, so becoming familiar with your new surroundings will make the move seem much more comfortable. Meeting a future neighbor can also give you a familiar face to talk to when you get settled in.

Work With Movers You Trust

Working with the best moving and storage companies can go a long way in calming any moving anxiety you may experience. Whether you use their packing services or just want them to load up your items and get them from point A to point B, you have to be able to trust the company you hire. Communication is critical with any type of move, so doing a thorough search before hiring a moving company will make the entire process go much more smoothly.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. not only wants to make your move a successful one, but we also want to do it as stress-free as possible. We understand how much stress a home move can place on an individual or family, so we use our expertise and knowledge to help calm any fears and produce results to back up our claim. As a part of the Atlas Van Lines network, our company will guarantee satisfaction with your move. When you’re getting ready to move to a new home, contact us to see how we can help with the logistics of the move and to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process.

What Are the Best Things About Moving?

The general perception of moving is it’s a hassle, inconvenient and there are going to be numerous roadblocks along the way. We aren’t saying moving is the easiest or most convenient thing to do, but there are definitely some positive things that can happen before, during and after a move. When you use packing and moving services, you can take away a lot of the stress throughout the move, since you will have more time to focus on other things. This is especially true if you have a family with kids, or maybe even pets.

When people focus on the positive aspects of moving to a new home, the process is generally much more enjoyable. There will definitely be some bumps in the road, but home moving companies will do their part in smoothing them out for you. As you’re planning for your big move, here are some of the best things you can think about to make the experience a positive one.

Bond With Your Family

During the packing process, take the time to bond with your family. Bonding may be difficult on a regular basis due to work schedules, school schedules, sporting events or anything else. But when you’re getting ready for a move, it’s important to get every family member involved to make the transition much easier. Talk about the future as you’re packing, as well as discuss what your new house will be like. Sometimes bringing up both good and bad memories about a home can help get through the move easier and bring peace to the uncomfortable experience of moving on from it.

You Can Minimize Clutter

Many people are surprised at how much stuff they have when they start packing. For this reason, many home moving companies will overestimate the amount of time it takes for the move, since there’s a decent chance the homeowners will find a lot more than they anticipated. The good news is moving to a new home gives you the opportunity to get rid of items you haven’t used in a while and will likely never need. Take this chance to donate usable items to a local charity or give them to people in need. Reducing clutter will save some time for packing and moving services and make the process more efficient as well.

New Experiences Are On The Horizon

When you hire state to state movers, you can spend more time looking into the changes ahead for your life. Sometimes the unknown of the move can give you enough of a thrill to be excited, but other people don’t like surprises and want to know what they are going to experience. Whether it’s moving to a new climate, experiencing a different culture or something else, there will be plenty of new experiences coming your way.

The top home moving companies can share the experience with you during the move, and even provide tips if they are familiar with the area you’re moving to. Of course, the role of home moving companies is to never be intrusive, but they should always be there to help when needed.

The Opportunity For A Fresh Start

Everyone has their own reasons for moving homes. Some people have to move because of job obligations. Other people move because they want to be closer to family. People may also move because of mistakes they’ve made in the past and want to move away to leave those memories behind. Regardless of your reason for moving, you have a great opportunity to create a fresh start for yourself and your family.

The process starts when you call various home moving companies to get your belongings ready for the move. That moment signifies a new beginning is on the horizon so you can prepare yourself for what’s ahead. There will be challenges along the way, but moving to a new setting gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself however you choose. One tip for making the transition smoother is to still keep in touch with your closest friends and family back at home. You may not know anyone at your new destination, so a little bit of familiarity is healthy for your new start.

The Chance To Meet New People

When your state to state movers are preparing to move your belongings, you can feel a sense of excitement about the people you will potentially meet. Whether it’s your new neighbors, members of your new church or simply someone you meet at the park, there’s a chance you will meet someone who will impact your life in a positive way. Creating these new friendships can be one of the most rewarding things about moving homes, and makes the process completely worth it. And having someone to talk to at your new location will help you cope with everything you left behind, as well as settle in to your new place.

Time For Reflection and Re-Evaluation

Whether it’s in the middle of the move or when you’ve settled into your new home, taking the time to reflect and re-evaluate are healthy actions to take. Moving away from a place you’ve been comfortable at for many years is tough, but you can find a sense of peace when you take a few moments to reflect on the decision. The opportunities ahead of you are much greater than what you left behind. So while reflection and re-evaluation are important to remember where you’ve been, looking ahead, setting goals and thinking about what you want to accomplish can help you start the process of moving on permanently.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. is proud to be one of the top home moving companies nationwide and internationally. We have earned our reputation by being dedicated to serving our clients with honesty, integrity and a high quality of service. The results have made us part of the prestigious Atlas Van Lines agent network. When you’re getting ready to make your big move and start your new beginnings, we would love to be a part of it. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how we can make your move a positive experience.

Don’t Forget to Pack These 5 Items When Moving

Sometimes it seems like no matter how detailed and organized you are, it’s still easy to forget to pack certain items when preparing for a move. Some of these items may not be important, but others could be out of sight and would be devastating if you left them behind. The best home moving service will help you out by providing a checklist of items to help jog your memory about what needs to be packed. Some of the items may be hidden in a closet and others could be in a storage unit or elsewhere. Here are some of the items that are commonly forgotten when moving.

Items in Storage

You could have put unused furniture, tools or other valuable items in a storage unit years ago and forgotten about them. But many times it’s your own storage units, like attics and basements, where items can get lost. Most local moving companies will ask if you’ve double checked these areas to ensure everything you need to take doesn’t get left behind.

Bathroom Toiletries

You probably will pack up your bathroom items last, since you’ll need them all the way up until the time your packing services arrive. Things like rugs, shower curtains and curtain rods are the most common items that get left behind, so be sure to put these on your list to take with you when you don’t need them at your current home anymore.


A potentially serious item to forget to pack is prescription medication. Sometimes medication gets left in cabinets or drawers after the home moving service packs up your belongings. The best thing to do is put all of your medication in a box and mark it clearly so you know everything you need is in there.

Items Hidden Out of Sight

Think back to all the things you put out of sight for any reason. You may have put cash under a rug or mattress, jewelry on the top shelf in a closet, valuables in a safe deposit box and more. Many local moving companies have heard about some of the most random places to hide things, so try to remember where you’ve hidden things in the past and leave no stone unturned.

Items You’ve Loaned

Chances are you’ve loaned some things to family, friends or neighbors in the past. It’s easy to forget these items since they are no longer in your possession. Some things, like movies or books, are easy to recover. However, larger items like tools or equipment could present a harder challenge to get back.

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. wants to help make your moving experience as positive as possible. As one of the agents in the Atlas Van Lines network, we are dedicated and proud to provide the best home moving service you can find. We are here to not only help you move to your new home, but also to ensure nothing of value gets left behind. When you’re ready to move, contact us for the best moving experience.

Steps to Take When Moving to a Temporary House

Most people want to avoid moving to a temporary house as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. You may be moving to another state and haven’t had a chance to look at the best neighborhoods, your new home is still under construction or you simply want to look around to find the best possible home. Regardless of the reason, a temporary home can give you a place to stay until your permanent home is ready.

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Questions to Ask Your Interstate Movers

People have different perspectives when it comes to moving to another state. Some people don’t think it’s a big deal, especially if they’ve done it before, while other people constantly stress out about it. The truth is when you use reputable interstate movers, the move will likely go very smoothly since they will handle the challenging logistics. Finding the best interstate moving companies takes a bit of research, and once you’ve narrowed them down, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can think of. Here are some of the most important questions to start with.

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